“Sincerity” is defined as the “quality of being open and truthful”.  That is our goal – to be open and truthful about both our strengths, and weaknesses.  We realize we all have baggage we need to unload at the cross.  Being aware of this prompts us to reach out and help one another unload that baggage.  The more we can be real with each other, the easier that will become.



The church is a beacon of hope in this world of despair.  To be that beacon, we believe we need to be active in the community that we are a part of.  Bringing hope to those that are despaired, that all who see our actions would glorify our Lord.



It has been said that “knowledge is power”, and we agree.  We desire to guide people to know God or rather to be known by Him.  The power in being known by Him is salvation.  To find the freedom in salvation we must go to the source of knowledge, God’s Word.



There are two ideas of fellowship, fellowship with Christ and fellowship with one another.  We have fellowship with Him in His sufferings, His heirship, and ultimately, in His Glory.  We also have fellowship with each other in love, knowledge, and unity.  This fellowship is what knits us together as family in the Spirit of God.